New National Champion Of Heads Up Poker Crowned

Ted Forrest wins half a million and the poker champ. Poker pro Ted Forrest has walked away with the $500 000 prize money, after an exhausting 63 matches that were spread out over a 3-day period. Playing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Forrest also won the championship title in this Second Annual National Heads Up Poker Championship

Ted Forrest and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson decided the championship finally, by playing a best two out of three series. These two were two survivors who made it to the final.

Both of the players had 640 000 chips to begin with and continued playing until one came out as the clear and unquestionable winner. This year that winner was Ted Forrest. Those who lyd against home were not forced to leave without winning something however, since for the second year in a row, the runner up prize for second place was a hefty $250,000.

During the three day event, the most famous names in the game of poker played against each other as one by one they were eliminated. The series will be broadcast on NBC television as a ten hour poker package beginning on April 16th and ending in late May. Just as they did last year, the network plans to repeat its broadcasts on CNBC, their cable outlet as well. This means that there will be a large number of opportunities to see the tournament in its entirety along with the exciting action that took place amongst the top players in the game that was played today.