Bet On Sports Emphasizes Its Commitment To Gambling Responsibly

Bet On Sports group has released a statement to be issued along with the start of National Problem Gambling Awareness Week in the United States. Bet On Sports group which is the major US facing and which is publicly listed, includes on a variety of technological platforms, sportsbetting, online casino, and poker interests.

The company says, in its statement, that it employs a range of technological platforms to make sure that its customers are protected and to guarantee that problem gamblers and underage players are detected. It employs the industry’s leading security and fraud-protection software. In addition to this it employs security software to monitor stolen or lost credit card numbers as well as histories of higher than normal charge-backs. The group offers a skilled call-center staff that is equipped to evaluate and appraise individual customer needs and activities. Their personnel are trained to take action with regard to unusual payment and playing patterns that many times are indicative of underage or problem gambling.

The flagging of a customer’s behavior is dealt with by the call-center staff who follow-up by personally contacting the customer. The turned casino staff will then assess and respond to questionable behavior. Through these individual calls staff is able to help ward off underage gambling and as well as to provide aid to those customers that are in need. When and if necessary, the call-center personnel are enabled to actually apply cool-down periods or to even shut down customer accounts. Via the company’s many branded websites, links to support groups and educational information can be accessed.

Kevin Smith, Bet On Sports plc’s director of communications reports that the majority of those playing online are not aware that their company shares their concerns about problem gambling.

He adds that National Problem Gambling Awareness Week is the fitting time to emphasize their company’s obligation to providing a protected environment for customers and to make certain that there are efficient controls to thwart underage and problem gambling.